The Löwchen coat is non-shedding and generally easy to keep with a few good brushings a week. Although you will not find clumps of hairs around the house from shedding, you will see them in your brush.

The traditional ‘Lion Clip” is what sets the breed apart from all other breeds. Whether you choose to keep your Löwchen in the Lion Clip or a shorter pet or puppy clip, they will benefit from regular grooming.

Lion Cutpet cut

Traditional Lion clip on a pet

...same dog with a pet clip


A thorough brushing of the coat a few times a week should keep their coat looking good. Make sure you brush right to the skin and remove any mats you encounter.

Around 7- 12 months of age, the puppy coat starts to change into the adult coat. You will need to pay more attention to brushing during this time. This is only a transitional phase; once the adult coat comes in you will be able to continue with brushing the coat 1-2 times a week. These grooming times offer a great way to bond with your Löwchen as they love the one on one attention.

Brush – stainless steel with straight pins
Comb – stainless steel, fine /medium teeth
Small comb – usually called a flea comb
Nail clipper – either scissor or guillotine
Styptic powder or cornstarch
Tweezers or hemostats
Ear cleaner, Cotton balls
Toothbrush/canine toothpaste
Dog shampoo/conditioner
Anti stat grooming spray
Hair Dryer




Spritz entire coat with a grooming spray or anti stat spray before brushing. Never brush a dry coat as this can damage the coat and break the ends. For line brushing the oblong pin brush is great, but you can use whichever pin brush works best for you. Lie dog on its side. Part the hair in 1” sections across the coat. Thoroughly brush through each section right to the skin. Continue parting, sectioning and brushing through the coat until you have completed one side. Lift each leg to get the armpits and underside. Brush the neck and head area, paying attention to behind the ears where mats can sometimes occur. Use a small comb to gently remove any debris from under the eyes.

Follow through the coat with a comb to make sure the coat has no mats and is tangle free. Repeat on the other side. You can use a slicker brush on the feet if you wish.



When you get a mat...remove as soon as you find it. Left unattended, these mats will get bigger and can sometimes be very difficult to remove. Use a product designed to remove mats, or some of your dog conditioner. Apply a small amount to the mat and gently tease with your fingers in all directions to break it up. Use the end of a wide tooth comb to separate mat and comb through to completely remove. You may have to reapply product, tease and comb a few times to fully remove the mat.

Check your local pet store for dematting products.

Products that we use for mats are Nature’s Specialties - Quicker Slicker and EZ DeMatt and Cowboy Magic - detangler.

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